To the anon who messaged me yesterday asking for advise. I’m so so sorry, I was going to get to it when I got back from work today, but then I had a bit of a breakdown, so I promise I will get to it tomorrow when my head is a little more clear. I know you are desperate for an answer and I’m sorry for the wait. I hope you understand

Anonymous: Hi! It sounds like you're going through a tough time. Please don't feel upset or alone. Just think about how many people there are in this world &how each of us is so incredibly important. Things might suck right now but hang in there &soon you'll be happy. More happy than you can imagine; you just need to get through this first Try to reach out to someone: parent, teacher, friend, anyone.You don't need to be alone. Look, I'm just a follower but I care and so do others Sending you lots of love!

Thanks anon. I talked to my brother’s fiance and it turns out she was going through similar things and talked me down and made me feel better and actually gave good advice and she is going to help me find a therapist and I’m feeling better. I guess everything I was holding in was just coming out all at once. Thanks for your love :)

I have so much to ask and tell people, but I don’t know how to say it and I’m scared if I hold this any longer, I might burst soon. Very soon. But I don’t think anybody cares enough. Nobody cares at all

The temptation to jump out of my window right now is so strong. I also want to cut my eyes out my nail cutter. I don’t wnat to do this amymore. I don’t want it

It just hit my really hard how unhappy I am with my life and how I hope one day soon an 18 wheeler will come and hit me and end my life :)))))))))))))))))))